10 Fastest WWE Title Changes Ever

... aaaaand it's gone.


Like the Lord, Vince McMahon giveth, and Vince McMahon taketh away.

And, as is the case with our divine creator, the WWE chairman is sometimes a little cruel when it comes to the taketh away bit. In fact, he often only allows his valued employees to celebrate their life's work for a few precious minutes before robbing them blind in front of a live television audience.

To be fair to Vince, this isn't - as far as we're aware - done in order to humiliate. Rather, it can on occasion make for compelling viewing to see a wrestler defend their belt mere minutes after winning it (and by "on occasion" we mean the first 15 to 20 times it happened; now it's as tired and cliché as everything else that happens inside the squared circle).

Over recent years, this situation almost always comes about when a wrestler chooses to cash in their Money in the Bank briefcase, a plot device that has only existed for the last 13 years. But it may surprise you to learn that two of the quickest title reigns on this list each came a quarter-century ago.

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