10 FIERCEST Online Wrestling Rivalries

Twitter tiffs and podcast blasts.

YouTube (The Hannibal TV)/WWE

You have probably entered into a heated wrestling debate today on Twitter already.

You might have resolved not to. You've got better things to do. And when was the last time anybody changed their mind, and willingly made themselves look inferior, on a virtual platform that exists to present the most superior version of themselves? It's all a waste of time, and yet.

And yet.

It's exponentially less harrowing to become irate at a terrible wrestling take than, say, to work out exactly what's happening with Brexit. Staring into the awful eyes of Jacob Rees-Mogg is just too much - how can somebody who doesn't f*ck shaft us so viciously, so repeatedly? - and so, instead, you take issue with the take that Finn Bálor is overrated. He isn't, you hack, he just appears on RAW. Everybody fades on RAW.

It's not just us; Twitter is used as brand-building platform by non-wrestlers and long-retired wrestlers alike, with their dim memories converging with fierce working instincts to create a secondary battleground beyond the squared circle. Therein lies a certain, albeit exhausting fascination: Who is on the right side of history? Who is lying, and could it just possibly be the old-school carny promoter?

And who would win, if this thing ever made it to pay-per-view...?


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