10 Forgotten Finishers From Well-Known WWE Superstars

These moves may have been short-lived but they were effective.

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In a WWE ring, adaptation is undoubtedly a key factor in maintaining a long and successful career. If a superstar plans on sticking around then they must be open to changing with the times and trying out new things. While this change could involve a new outfit or a gimmick update, it could just as easily be a new finishing move.

There have been countless WWE superstars that decided to evolve their arsenal whenever the changing times required them to do so. From the Big Show’s Knockout Punch to The Undertaker’s Last Ride, new signatures have reinvigorated even the most legendary of superstars, while complementing them just as well as their previous ones.

However, not every finisher is as lucky and unfortunately, some of them fade away into obscurity. Over the years, we have seen plenty of superstars try something different, only for it to ultimately become a failed experiment. Some moves were unable to make an impression on the WWE Universe and were traded in for something superior, while others were just inexplicably dropped.

With that in mind, let's take a look back at some of these short-lived manoeuvres that you may have forgotten about.


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