10 Fresh Feuds The WWE Superstar Shakeup Has Made Possible

Eater Of Worlds vs. Demon and Awesome vs. Architect await...

Shinsuke nakamura kevin owens

It was always going to be ambitious of WWE to refrain from 'shaking up' the roster before summer; last year's WWE Draft in July suggested that a full year would pass before any changes were made to Raw and SmackDown, but a sense of staleness across both brands necessitated some spring cleaning.

Not all of the changes made were earth-shattering (Apollo Crews, The Shining Stars, and Curt Hawkins, anyone?), and the hyperbole delivered by Vince McMahon on the 'Superstar Shakeup' did seem a little over-the-top in retrospect.

That doesn't change the fact that WWE now have some fresh feuds to play with across both major shows, and that can only be considered a positive post-WrestleMania.

A traditionally humdrum time of year, the post-'Mania blues will be remedied by those who have traded red for blue or vice versa, instantly giving those struggling for momentum on their previous brand some new faces to work with...


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