10 Frustrating WWE Storylines That'll Never Have A Conclusion

Imagine watching an engrossing film, only to discover there's literally no ending.

Wrestling is a product that is constantly edited, revised and reconfigured, sometimes even plans set in stone are forced to change due to particular circumstances. For that reason, many storylines, angles and gimmicks over the years have caught the attention of the audience, only to be dropped at a later date. The reasons why a storyline is cancelled or cut short can vary depending on the situation, sometimes creative will realize an angle isn't going the way they hoped, sometimes its due to a injury suffered by a major participant of that narrative, but occasionally it'll be in fear of offending the fans or general media. If fans are to be considered customers, then a lost or aborted storyline can only be considered a massive waste of time for anyone who watched those shows, who followed the progression, or got emotionally involved in the event. Although, the WWE will often cancel a storyline at the expense of fans, when something has gone on too long or gotten ridiculous, like the infamous Katie Vick angle for example. But for every bad segment of story cut out of the shows, there are several that we were denied a conclusion to, that we genuinely wanted to see after months of personal investment. In chronicle of these lost stories of wrestling's forgotten past, here are ten frustrating storylines that will never have a conclusion.
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