10 Great WWE Moments We Came Agonisingly Close To

Plans change.


“Plans change.”

Those two words are aimed at the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer on Twitter, all the bloody time, by those who believe him, and not wrestling promoters (!) to be a conman. He writes “plans change”, they argue, in order to cover his back. He can write any old bit of fake news he likes, and just write “like, you know, plans change”.

It’s almost astonishing how this meme has mushroomed. At least, with the equally tiresome “five stars in the Tokyo Dome” patter, there’s an internal logic to it—historically, Meltzer has favoured Japanese matches under his ratings system—but this is different.

How can you possibly watch a month of WWE television, and not arrive at the conclusion that, especially in recent years, Vince McMahon is incredibly erratic? Was the plan always to pay off Kevin Owens quitting WWE to return just one week later? Did WWE really think they’d turn Daniel Bryan heel nine months after he made the ultimate babyface comeback? Did WWE really think they’d secure the signature of Bobby Lashley, a living, idealised, Vince McMahon babyface, and turn him heel after botching his face run so badly?

Sometimes, as is the case this week, Vince McMahon’s genius promotion instincts kick in, and he totally over-delivers.

Other times…


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