10 Greatest DDT Variations In WWE History

10. Mick Foley

Mick Foley was never the most technically astute wrestler, but he certainly had a great mind for the business. And it was that very mind that had the wherewithal to utilise the double-arm DDT as a finishing manoeuvre during his days performing as Mankind, Dude Love and himself. The double-arm prefix came from the simple switch to a double-underhook€”or butterfly€”grip ahead of the move€™s execution, rather than the traditional front face lock that Jake had favoured. Foley would then follow the standard DDT protocol in dropping his adversary to the mat. Or steel. Or concrete. Or whatever outlandish terrain the Hardcore Legend would be competing on. Others have been known to adopt the double-arm DDT over the years, but it was Foley who propelled the move to fame during his WWE run which saw him capture three world titles. The only thing that let Foley down though was that previously mentioned technique. Sometimes the move came across too sloppy, or the double-underhook wasn€™t locked in completely. For those reasons, it€™s difficult to place Mrs. Foley€™s Baby Boy higher than tenth on this list. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieGtGvI050s
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