10 Greatest Wrestling Technicians In WWE History

10. Owen Hart


A member of the famed Hart family, it should surprise no one that Owen Hart made this list. An extraordinary in-ring competitor, Owen possessed the attributes of a great technician but also added his own twist. He sailed through the air, earning the nickname "Rocket" and wiped opponents out with headscissors and heel kicks that fans of WWE had never been exposed to before.

His ability to launch himself with dives off the top rope, including a beautiful missile dropkick, never significantly ate away at the youngest Hart's technical expertise. He still exercised the ability to wear down his opponent, working over a knee in preparation for the Sharpshooter that he stole from his older sibling, Bret.

Utilizing butterfly and German suplexes learned in arenas across the globe, Hart's place in history as one of the first to bring the tosses he learned in Mexico and Japan to the grand stage of WWE is criminally underrated.

One of the best wrestlers of his or any generation, Hart's legacy as one of the masters of the mat remains intact, some 17 years after his tragic passing.


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