10 Hardest Working WWE Wrestlers

Who's putting in the hours?


The latest WWE wrestler to incur the wrath of the fans is Brock Lesnar, a man charged with the heinous crime of (allegedly) being a bit on the lazy side.

The evidence for this, to be fair, is pretty compelling. So far, he has seldom appeared on Monday Night Raw in the run-up to his showdown match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 34, and has only managed a couple of dark matches featuring Kane and Braun Strowman in the past few weeks.

But the problem here is that determining who is - and, by extension, who isn't - hard-working is fraught with difficulty. We only see what happens in front of the cameras, and not all of the preparatory stuff - not least of all maintaining a Vince McMahon-approved physique - that goes on behind the scenes.

Well, allow us to attack this delicate and complex task with a blunt, nuance-free hammer, as we look at the WWE wrestlers who turn out most frequently for matches. Since that's the criteria by which we're prepared to call Lesnar a layabout, it seems only fair that the reverse be true as well.

Note: these stats will relate to 2017 a) for a full picture of who's doing the most, and b) because we've had one or two injuries since the turn of the year.

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