10 High Profile Wrestlers With Forgotten NWA Championship Runs

Some surprising names held the domed-globe since the NWA Title left the spotlight.

NWA Title

Since officially breaking away from WCW back in 1993, the once revered title of NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion has become somewhat of an afterthought in the wrestling zeitgeist.

Despite popping up in a variety of promotions since then, the centrepiece of the National Wrestling Alliance has largely been relegated to the independent scene ever since Shane Douglas disowned the title in 1994. Regardless, the NWA Championship has largely remained active throughout and maintains its status as the oldest World Heavyweight Championship in wrestling to this day.

With the once-coveted title taking intermittent stays in obscurity, it should come as no surprise that countless grapplers have held the title since the title’s demotion in the mid '90s. What is surprising, however, is the number of high profile personalities that litter that list. Some of wrestling’s biggest stars have been NWA Champ since the split from WCW, albeit under somewhat low-key circumstances.

From unofficial title switches to dubious champions, these tenures with the “ten pounds of gold” have often been brief, regularly been overlooked yet always been fascinating. Here’s ten examples of high-profile names you may not know became NWA Champion.


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