10 Horrifying Wrestling Injuries Captured On Camera

10. Joey Mercury's Face


*The injury in full*

The above visual alone is enough to realise just how unlucky Joey Mercury was to find his fizzog p*ssing blood at the mid-point of a filler pay-per-view. But the MNM star leaving half of his face stuck to the side of a ladder took all sorts of odd circumstances conspiring beyond Jeff Hardy's terrifying teeter-totter spot.

Having only just been welcomed back into the fold, Mercury was the toast of the company alongside partner Johnny Nitro after MNM and The Hardy Boyz worked beyond all reasonable expectations to try and save the disastrous December To Dismember show with a creditable opener. Keen to placate their loyalest supporters ordering Armageddon two weeks later, the company airlifted the pairs into Brian Kendrick and Paul London's Tag Team Title defence against David Taylor and William Regal. And they brought a ladder with them.

The contest was comfortably the best match of the night and - as with the ECW catastrophe - went some way to repairing relations with a ripped-off audience. The cost to Mercury went beyond the horrendous facial damage. It reinitiated a long battle he was still losing with pain medication, resulting in him eventually losing his job yet again.


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