10 HUGE NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 Predictions You Need To Know

10. Not Your Father's Rumble


Though technically New Japan's answer to the Royal Rumble, the Rambo isn't given anywhere near the same prestige.

Taking place on the Wrestle Kingdom pre-show, it is, on every single level, a big bad banter match. Winning it doesn't guarantee a title shot, and the bout is only ever filled with a mix of full-time wrestlers who aren't booked elsewhere on the show, along with a handful of decrepit 50-65 year old veterans for nostalgia pops. It's a harmless bit of fun with no real bearing on the company as a whole, and only exists to provide light-hearted fun ahead of a heavy night of action.

Last year saw the Michael Elgin win as a sweetener for his lack of main card spot. Veterans Jado and Yuji Nagata won the previous two incarnations, and NJPW could feasibly go down this route again, with the likes of Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan both set to feature.

Giving the rub to a potential new star would be infinitely more exciting, though. Young Lion Cup winner Katsuya Kitamura could be a refreshing choice, but it makes more sense to go with the man best positioned to take Elgin's soon-to-expire roster spot...

Winner: Jeff Cobb


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