10 HUGE WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Predictions You Need To Know

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Spoiler Alert: Shane McMahon will lose to Kevin Owens on Sunday Night.

This is not meant to ruin your enjoyment of the upcoming WWE supercards, nor force you to click away from this article as it twists and turns through WWE's own warped narrative, but 'The Money' will be broke(n) after his Hell In A Cell battle with 'KO'.

Owens all but wrote Shane's death sentence in claret halfway through an absorbing go-home segment between the two that stirred even the dullest of nerves for those supporters that still can't get around the inexplicable babyface responses McMahon receives despite his countless privileges.

The result is not a matter of what, but how. Falls will be counted anywhere, rare intentional blood may even be shed and 'Shane-O-Mac' or the 'Prizefighter' himself may soar from something very high indeed.

But can any other match scale figurative equivalents?

WWE can bet the house on a one-match show in the era of 'Network Specials' over pay-per-views, but the ideal is to put on a card that highlights why fans still need to tune in to the weekly shows that generate the increasingly vital television rights fees.

The Tag Team Title contest has match-of-the-year potential, but will likely go on first to create necessary separation with the main event. Will there be anything else to send the fans home happy or, hang on...might...Shane...actually...win??


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