10 Huge WWE Superstar Shake-up Predictions To Save SmackDown Live!

Blue Sky Thinking


WWE have f*cked with more than just their mandated verbiage in reframing the traditional 'Draft' as a 'Superstar Shake-up' over the past two years.

A once-enjoyable concept was rendered underwhelming last year when Dean Ambrose and The Miz strolled out at the top of Monday Night Raw to underscore their move to the flagship show, feud-and-all. The trend continued over the following 48 hours, with tumblers, lotteries and 'loser-leaves' matches confined to the creative recycle bin in favour of a few hard resets.

It's already set a precedent for peculiarity though. In 2017, Jinder Mahal was the week's biggest loser. Laying down for Finn Bálor on Monday night, his move to the blue brand 24 hours later was tarnished by a nominal loss to Mojo Rawley after NFL star Rob Gronkowski made his second WWE appearance in as many weeks. His second SmackDown night was decidedly different - Rusev's former sidekick somehow wrangled a title shot against Randy Orton that ended up going rather well for him.

Though it's unlikely another Raw refugee from so low on the totem pole would so rapidly flourish in the 'Land Of Opportunity', Mahal's move exists as a reminder of the inherent value underpinned by a fresh coat of paint. Roster switches so often generate a new sense of purpose in tired talents that it's hard not to be hopeful for these performers experiencing a pernicious case of the Mondays.


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