10 HUGE WWE Survivor Series 2017 Predictions You Need To Know

Paige Of Enlightenment


The road to the 2017 Survivor Series has afforded Vince McMahon's product a compliment he's probably craved since the heady days of the Monday Night Wars. WWE has been legitimately unmissable.

In an era where hours are reduced to minutes in fan-made highlight reels seconds after shows conclude and 'best' bits are neatly condensed on the company website, the weekly television output has actually been must-see. And not just because there's so much stuff going on that storylines have progressed within episodes, let alone weeks.

The go-home edition of Monday Night Raw was the perfect example of why this year's Thanksgiving tradition currently has the potential to be the best ever. In kicking off the show b*llocking a General Manager, Stephanie McMahon made things seem painfully familiar. But The Shield (The f**king Shield!) had none of it, biting back against the boss in the same segment ahead of their first match back as a unit taking place later that night. Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins even took time to throw out a challenge to The New Day, proffering a potential match-of-the-year candidate in the process.

That opener kicked off a show-long arc designed to facilitate Triple H's shock return and replacement of Jason Jordan in the five-on-five main event, just six days before the show itself. This coming just a week removed from AJ Styles ending Jinder Mahal's reign of error to set up a bonafide dream match with Brock Lesnar.

Anything can happen, and everything will.


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