10 Images That Proved 2017 Was Wrestling’s Craziest Year Ever

10. Back With The Boyz Again


Ahead of the iconic WrestleMania X-Seven, another of WWE's beautifully overblown video packages referred to the 'Show of Shows' as a "Celebration Of Life'. It slotted in with the rest of the hyperbole at the time, but was proven astonishingly true when Matt and Jeff Hardy made their return to the fold at the 33rd edition.

Life. Jeff Hardy's was in tatters as recently as 2013 when he emerged 'in no condition to perform' for a TNA main event. It was a nadir for a company not unfamiliar with the barrel's bottom scrapings. That he had re-emerged from his own rock bottom to become a clean-living, big-loving father was the most joyous success of all, but a WWE return put a similar bow on his legendary career.

Life. Like his brother, Matt Hardy looked trapped in a proverbial pit of drugs and despair, but when all looked broken, he found his ultimate fix - creativity. Developing a brand spanking new life nearly twenty years into his career as a full-timer, Hardy crafted a universe for himself and his family that paved the way for an iconic return.

Life. The lives of many fully grown adults that had survived adolescence with the help of the Hardy Boyz, celebrating their glorious return to literally WWE's biggest ever stage. Children could share it, older fans could appreciate it.


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