10 Images That Proved 2017 Was Wrestling’s Craziest Year Ever

Insane In The Frame


There's something about the sevens.

In 1987, Vince McMahon boldly booked the Pontiac Silverdome for WrestleMania III, and just about sold the ginormous structure out. The 93,173/78,000 attendance debate is dry discourse for sunnier days, but the visual of Vince Jr stood centre-ring to kick off the broadcast was, in every sense of the word, powerful.

His company was in very different shape a decade later, but renewed prosperity was just around the corner. 1997 saw humongous attitudinal shifts in the industry, with WWE finally launching a creative resurgence against a rampant WCW. Stone Cold Steve Austin set fire to old regimes and rules as Eric Bischoff had done on Nitro two years previous. Things had changed, because they had to.

As they did again in 2007 after an active roster member killed his family and himself on a tragic June weekend. The excesses of the past 20 years had caught up with McMahon in horrific circumstances, and his organisation had to react seismically to close the gaping wounds. It unfortunately created several years of bland mediocrity. The separate ascents of Daniel Bryan and NXT in 2014 had lasting effects though. Three years on, and the industry is alive again.

Hulk Hogan was infamously loose with the truth in discussion of his legendary clash with Andre the Giant, to the extent where memes of the pair's battle still filled social media when the iconic Detroit arena was demolished just last week. 2017's insanity hasn't required his fabrications.


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