10 Important NJPW Booking Steps Following Dominion

10. Kenny Omega Defends The Title Against Cody


This match was officially announced just hours after this first draft was finished, so yours truly is a psychic supreme... that, or like most fans, I can spot things a mile away.

The infighting within Bullet Club has gone on for a year dating back to the previous Dominion. Since then, Kenny Omega and "The American Nightmare" Cody have been jockeying for leadership of the Bullet Club, with Cody feuding on-and-off with Omega's bosom body Kota Ibushi, as well as picking up a win over Omega at Ring of Honor's WrestleMania weekend show.

Now, with Omega as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Cody has been announced as the first challenger to the belt, with this match headlining New Japan's G1 Special in San Francisco taking place at the historic Cow Palace.

Surprisingly there's been some murmurs and speculation about what direction this match will go in. Obviously, it's been booked to appeal to a western audience as part of New Japan's international expansion, but some are bafflingly suggesting that Cody might actually pick up the title for the "nuclear heat."

Thankfully, Gedo doesn't operate like that, and we can safely count on Kenny getting his win back over Cody in a triumphant first title defense.


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