10 Impulse Reactions Following WWE Money In The Bank 2017

And THIS is how it ends?


WWE promoted a history-making event at their eighth annual Money In The Bank pay-per-view. Unleashing their ever-improving women's division on yet another traditionally male-only gimmick, the magic briefcase would now be available for 5 of SmackDown Live!'s best if they could scale the ladder and scoop the prize.

Such is the thread that traditionally flows through the show, it was fitting that the blue brand were given the supercard to display their best and brightest. Continuing the 'Land of Opportunity' narrative, Jinder Mahal joined the females with a first of his own, as he prepared to give Randy Orton his contractually obligated rematch in a proving ground to counter suggestions that his Backlash victory a month earlier was merely a fluke.

Elsewhere, Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler risked it all in the company's annual multi-man main event stunt show to get potentially the next stab at Mahal's title. The all-important briefcase has an almost perfect hit-rate when it comes to crowning champions, and has thus retained huge value regardless of the fact that 50% of the combatants in the contest have already held the company's top title.

Who would step up the literal and figurative rungs on one of the company's biggest nights of the year? And would any more blockbuster shocks lay ahead as the Tuesday night show continues to take major risks in the endless quest for ratings?


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