10 Incredible Last Minute PPV Changes You Never Saw Coming

Difference Makers


Jason Jordan probably didn't deserve his face planting in the mat to put a finer point on the announcement, but Triple H's Raw revelation that he'd be the fifth member of Kurt Angle's Survivor Series team completed (?) a line-up that looks on paper to be one of the best main events ever.

In the inter-brand mens match, WWE have assembled several of the company's biggest ever stars, the finest full-timers on the roster outside SmackDown Live!'s heavyweight Champion, and offered up Shane McMahon to have his ankle broken/head left on a platter (delete as appropriate) should the red brand be successful on the night.

Adding 'The Game' on the go-home was a tasty treat, especially considering his recent tear through the ranks on house shows and a planned contest with Jinder Mahal when the crew tour there in December. It reflected the broader chaos in general that has enveloped this pay-per-view since Vince McMahon elected to shake things up with less than a fortnight to go.

Three matches have already shape-shifted since the original card was announced, with the potential for others to follow right up until showtime. Stacked to the gills as most 'Big 4' shows are now, the company have over-stuffed each battle wherever possible in order to fill the mammoth six hours blocked out on the Network for the November classic. And it's not first time the they've employed an explosive adjustment to avoid accidentally bombing.


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