10 Incredible Matches We Won’t Be Getting At WWE Survivor Series 2019

Survivor Series feels like It’s jumped the shark but it doesn’t need to be that way...


Survivor Series’ traditional team based elimination matches have always demanded a degree of contrivance. At least, in the past, an effort was made to tie the matches in with existing feuds. Even if that did once result in a team of tiny clowns against another team of diminutive kings.

In recent years, the opposite has been true. Bad blood, rivalries and feuds have been set aside so that superstars can engage in brand warfare. Suddenly, mortal enemies will come together to defend SmackDown or Raw, all dressed like they’re wearing house colours for a school sports day. It defies logic and asks fans to suspend disbelief but, like an unpopular babyface push, WWE have gone all in anyway.

This year we seemed to be getting something fresh with NXT invading SmackDown and Raw. It was still based around brand loyalty but at least there were plausible reasons why the so-called “developmental” brand would want to prove themselves against the main roster. Plus there were tantalising never before seen matches on the table.

Instead it seems we’re getting a card cluttered with triple threats, a stipulation that should be used sparingly and now forces us to engage with the tepid Raw vs. SmackDown stuff again.

Ah well, let’s take a look at what might have been...


Chris Chopping is a writer, podcaster and stand up comedian. He’s 34 and still dreaming of a Diamond Dallas Page style later-life entry into the wrestling business. Eats too many carbs for that though. Follow him @MrChrisChopping on Twitter.