10 Incredible Stories Behind Famous Wrestling Themes

9. nWo Wolfpac Didn't Use Their Infamous Theme At House Shows

When the New World Order faction started to dominate proceedings in WCW, the group would splinter into two separate units. nWo Black & White, headed up by Hollywood Hogan, was the definitive heel portion of the brand, whilst the Kevin Nash-led nWo Wolfpac represented the hip vibe which trampled over everything else in the company at the time.

The Wolfpac's infamous theme, highlighted by a simple hip-hop beat and lyrics such as, "the Wolfpac is back, causing mass destruction" was insanely catchy, and always received a huge reaction on TV and pay-per-view. Incredibly, the group didn't use this music for non-televised live events, instead preferring the track 'Burn' by rap group Militia, which is what the Wolfpac theme itself was heavily based on.

Apparently, Nash and crew much preferred the Militia track, rather than the WCW version, and insisted that it be used when copyright wasn't an issue. Obviously, WCW management themselves made sure that their own mash-up of the track was used when the cameras were rolling, avoiding unnecessary expense.

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