10 Indie Stars Ruined By WWE

Lost in the shuffle.


WWE has been on a massive recruitment drive during the first half of 2018, signing a whole host of talented up-and-comers who have made a name for themselves climbing up the independent ranks.

For many, it's pretty much a given that the likes of Ricochet and War Machine - two of this year's most high profile acquisitions - will be a success in the world's leading wrestling promotion. After all, their ability in the ring is unquestionable, and they're following a path well-trodden by fellow indie graduates Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins and CM Punk.

But for every success story, there are several others who have struggled to make the step up, often owing to factors outside of their control (namely their new employers' awful booking). Wrestlers who arrived in the company with a growing reputation, but were either comically miscast in a dead-end gimmick or simply ignored outright for the duration of their tie on the main roster.

The introduction of NXT has helped to ensure this kind of thing doesn't happen too often these days - but there's still no guarantee that you'll make it.

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