10 Indie Stars Ruined By WWE

10. Low Ki


The WWE experience of former Ring of Honor and TNA star Low Ki is a good example of why the company decided to bring in NXT as an intermediary step for independent wrestlers looking to establish themselves in the big leagues.

Having been thrown straight onto SmackDown, Low Ki - now going by the name Kaval - simply got lost in the shuffle. There were so few opportunities that he ended up getting released from the company altogether in December 2010 - just three months after his debut.

Considering that, eight years earlier, he became the inaugural Ring of Honor World Champion - a belt worn by the likes of CM Punk, Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins - this has to go down as one of the biggest wastes in the company's history.

Had he been signed a decade later, and given the opportunity to perform in today's finishing school rather than FCW, there's every chance he would have gone onto main roster success (or at the very least become a focal point of 205 Live).

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