10 INSANE WWE International Incidents



WWE’s upcoming international tour should pass by without incident.

At best, the banter hounds among us may feast on some sort of disciplinary kernel. A long, brutal schedule offers a shortcut only to the end of your f*cking tether. The last time the WWE roster embarked on a European tour, Big Cass, seemingly enabled by holiday mode, found himself at the centre of scandal and literally opened the door for his WWE exit by lashing out in a bad-tempered spree.

Former tag partner Enzo Amore had less choice in the matter; reports swirled in 2017 that the former wrestler-cum-abysmal rapper was hauled off the bus by Roman Reigns. Enzo’s attempts at spin were as unimpressive as his attempts to spit bars. “I literally got my own locker room,” he bragged to TMZ, which was a spirited but patently b*llocks euphemism for “a dark, lonely corner of any given arena”.

It’s a different time, a different mentality now; the roster is a well-behaved, video game-playing bunch operating under far stricter, PR-conscious rules.

We might hear the odd second-hand tale of Sin Cara throwing a can at somebody’s face, or something, but the days of exposed breasts, Nazi impersonations and un-bleeped expletives are a distant—but no less vivid—memory…


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