10 INSANE WWE International Incidents

10. Mr. McMahon Drops An F Bomb


At Rebellion ’99, a UK-exclusive pay-per-view, Triple H defended his WWF Championship against The Rock in the headlining Steel Cage attraction. The bars were black, but the babyface Mr. McMahon character turned the airwaves blue, at least. As retribution for throwing a garbage can at daughter Stephanie earlier in the night, McMahon locked an interfering British Bulldog in the cage, threw up the double digits, and screamed “F*CK YOU!” in his face, perhaps still cross at Davey’s performance at In Your House: Great White North.

Bulldog incidentally altered the course of WWE history on the night; Stephanie suffered a case of amnesia, and forgot all her loving memories of fiancee Test. If only he hadn’t. No NXT Vs. No Reign of Terror is like wrestling’s Sophie’s Choice, but in the alternate timeline at least, stars may have actually flourished on the main roster.

This flagrant antagonism of British broadcasting standards caught up to McMahon a few months later; Channel 4, horrified by the blood and breast-splattered Royal Rumble 2000, yanked WWF programming from its line-up three hours after it first appeared.

But before 2000, there was 1998…


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