10 Insane WWE Moments That Frightened The Fans

10. Jeff Hardy Soars


Jeff Hardy is the epitome of a human highlight reel and seemed to try outdoing his last big stunt on a near-monthly basis.

We've watched through our hands as Jeff's jumped off steel cages, segments of the TitanTron, every ladder WWE's ever owned, and even the top of a production truck.

You'd probably assume he'd slow down upon returning over two decades after his debut, and your assumption would be dead wrong. As Matt was busy grabbing the Raw Tag Team Championships during their return at WrestleMania 33's tag team ladder match, Jeff could be seen leaping off a ladder and driving Sheamus through a pair of ladders with a Swanton Bomb.

While Jeff Hardy may be highly entertaining to watch, there's always that thought of "yeah, if he does that again he just might not get back up" ringing in the back of our minds.


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