10 Jaw-Dropping Times WWE Blurred The Lines

Pipebombs, screwjobs, a real-life affair, and a WCW invasion...


For the WWE, blurring the lines between fiction and reality has often been used as a sound basis for building a compelling storyline.

A recent example came just this past year in the aftermath of a SmackDown, with Daniel Bryan criticising the Miz’s wrestling style. Things quickly escalated off the back of that, and soon the Miz was calling into question Bryan’s recent retirement, even bandying about the C-word. The C-word being coward, of course.

Regardless of whether this was scripted or not, treading so closely to these real life issues is what captures the fans' attention. As alluded to previously though, this is by no means a novel concept.

For years, the company has been creating these storylines that make you question what’s real and what isn’t, and more often than not it’s been a recipe for success. This article will likely prove just that, as we look back at ten instances in which the WWE blurred those lines between reality and that dreaded F-word.

The F-word being fake, of course.

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