10 Last-Minute WWE Battleground 2017 Rumours You Need To Know

Battleground: the one that's not Payback.

Wwe Battleground

Two weeks have gone by, and that means that it's time for another WWE Pay-Per-View event. This time, it's SmackDown's Battleground that's up, a show that hasn't made too much of an impact since its 2013 introduction and doesn't look to be changing that fact this year. In fact, it seems like both brands are in a bit of a holding pattern until the build to SummerSlam can begin in earnest.

What sets this show apart from every other B-level PPV that's bombarded fans since WrestleMania is the return of the Punjabi Prison match, a cage-inside-a-cage bout that's happening for the third time ever and the first time in 10 years. Needless to say, if the stipulation had earned a reputation like Hell in a Cell, fans would have seen it in action during the past decade, but for better or for worse, it'll be here on Sunday.

Battleground also marks the PPV return of John Cena, who took time off after WrestleMania to film a movie. He returned to SmackDown on July 4th and was immediately thrust into the tired old pro-USA, anti-USA feud with Rusev, and that will culminate in a flag match.

What else can fans expect from Battleground? Here are 10 last-minute rumors you need to know for the show, ranked from least to most plausible.

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