10 Last-Minute WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Rumours You Need To Know

Could change be upon us?


Hell in a Cell has many things going for it, so long as you describe many things as a match featuring a forty-something non-wrestler and a world title bout whose outcome is so predictable there are people in Roman times bracing themselves for another month of the 'Modern Day Maharaja'.

Cynics believe this could be one of the least exciting WWE shows for a while, but the cynics have a short memory, because SmackDown's last pay-per-view outing, July's Battleground, wasn't exactly anything special either.

Hopefully all of that has got you pumped up for Sunday's show. If it hasn't, then a few last-minute rumours - at least one or two of which, statistically, are bound to have a whiff of truth about them - could be just what the doctor ordered.

Because, although Hell in a Cell looks every inch the Survivor Series precursor on paper, some sources reckon there's a good chance we could see some pretty earth-shattering events (that's earth-shattering by the standard of professional wrestling, though, where it's not unusual for things to be abruptly robbed of all meaning 24 hours later).

Here's what could go down.

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