10 Late Replacements Who Won Big In WWE

The Ultimate Opportunists.


For reasons only known to the ever-confusing WWE writers who, to be fair were most likely as blind-sided with the decision as the the rest of us by Vince McMahon, Sami Zayn snuck his way into the Money in The Bank ladder match less than a week out in place of Braun Strowman.

Only to be replaced by a returning Brock Lesnar on the night.

Zayn and Strowman can complain until the cows come home about missing their shot, but we’re here to talk about the beneficiary of their misfortune, and the wrestlers before them who turned last minute gifts into glorious victory.

These fortuitous men and women have come out of left field, the nosebleeds... or usually just the backstage area - and absolutely made the most of it at the expense of someone else.

It should be made clear that this is all about late replacements, not late additions. Someone needs to have been kicked to the curb for these wrestlers to pinch their achievements, so sorry Daniel Bryan, but your WrestleMania XXX fairytale isn’t on the cards today.


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