10 Least Effective Swerve Turns In Wrestling History

Bro. Bro. They'll never see it coming because it DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, bro!

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There is a hidden treasure trove of brilliance on the fringe of the Internet, for which we thank the tireless efforts put forth by the various curators of banter.

YouTube is so amazing in this regard that we can even forgive the nihilism-generator that is the comments section. We now know precisely how abysmal Tom Magee truly was: his version of pro wrestling was some sort of hilariously unintentional interpretive dance. We can now let WWE off for its problematic past. What's a spot of widow-pestering and woman-shaming, when certain wrestling companies once promoted race-swap (!) storylines?

Some lunatic out there once pitched, credit SquaredCircle, an Undertaker Vs. Kofi Kingston fantasy booking angle in which a disguised, love-scorned Kofi struck a pregnant Michelle McCool with Trouble In Paradise (bit of a giveaway) before serving up a commiseratory treat at the funeral. With a strange enthusiasm, given the ostensibly über-grim occasion, McCool said "this so good, what is it?"

"YOUR BABY," came Kofi's response.

And, back in 2014, Vince Russo decided to remove his focus from this message board in order to fantasy book RAW on his official website. If you think that is pathetic enough in itself, you haven't stumbled across it; on his first day of the job he wasn't employed to carry out, his first suggestion saw him book - yes - a swerve turn following a heel versus heel match.

He pitched this idea because it is the only idea he ever had…

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