10 Lessons WWE Should Have Learned Over WrestleMania 35 Weekend

Making it harder to get to the Hall of Fame stage being one.

Seth Rollins Kofi Kingston

I went to WrestleMania 35. Just getting that out the way early so nobody can read this and think I'm trying to subtly drop hints about what an absurd and privileged career I have here are whatculturedotcom. "Oh did you go to 'Mania did you Clery?" the comments will sarcastically chirp, "you should have mentioned it more!". Yes, I went to WrestleMania 35. Just getting that out the way early.

As is tradition though, WWE were also at WrestleMania 35 and put on no less than four separate wrestling shows and countless other fan and media events. NXT TakeOver New York on the Friday, Hall of Fame on the Saturday, WrestleMania itself on the Sunday, Raw on Monday, and finally SmackDown on Tuesday. In some capacity, WhatCulture attended them all*.

Being, as it is, the biggest wrestling event of the year, all manner of lessons were there for WWE if they were willing to learn them. Some are merely just confirming long suspected truths, others require a radical rethink of strategy, but they're all fairly important for the coming 12 months. Granted it's not a company that typically learns these things any way other than the hard one.

*lol except for the Hall of Fame, obviously, we went to the G1.

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