10 Loudest Crowd Reactions In WWE History

RIP headphone users.


Above all else in professional wrestling, there is nothing quite like when passionate fans gather in a stadium and erupt in unison to create one giant 'pop'.

Stripped to its roots, wrestling is meant to follow a simple formula: beloved good guy fights with hated bad guy, good guy wins and everybody is happy. While the line that defines what makes a babyface or heel has been blurred in the modern age of wrestling, following that basic formula guarantees a collaborative explosion of joy.

That unexpected burst of excitement is what wrestling fans crave - but what moments caused the loudest WWE crowd reactions of all time?

It can often be difficult to judge how loud a pop really is when watching from home, but crowd members leaping to their feet and cheering in unison is generally a pretty good indication that the fans have lost their collective minds.

These 10 moments were built up in a manner that audience members couldn't help but blurt out their child-like elation. The result is enough noise to put a thousand high school garage bands to shame.

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