10 Loudest Crowd Reactions In WWE History

10. I Am... Phenomenal


Chances are that even if you only religiously watch WWE, you had still heard of AJ Styles before his debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble. Having turned down a WWE development deal in 2001 to allow his wife to continue her education, Styles went on to become one of the most celebrated wrestlers in TNA, Japan and all over the world.

As a TNA stalwart, it was unthinkable that Styles would make his was to WWE at the age of 38. Even when the rumours of Styles signing a WWE contract began circulating, it didn't quite seem real.

When the unfamiliar theme hit and the words 'I am... phenomenal' dramatically appeared on the Titantron - at least for those in the stadium - it finally sunk in that The Phenomenal One had become a WWE Superstar. 

To Vince McMahon's admitted surprise, the Orlando crowd treated AJ Styles to a rousing welcome.

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