10 Loudest Pops In WWE Royal Rumble History

"Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!"


If WWE programming is programmed with the primary goal of delivering memorable moments (as the company themselves are won't to tell us), the Royal Rumble is an absolute goldmine.

Unexpected returns, surprise debuts, first-time showdowns, monstrous rampages: WWE's biggest signature match delivers each one with unmatched regularity. It's for this reason that it remains a major highlight on most wrestling fans' annual calendars. The Rumble doesn't always give us the winner we want, but it never fails to provide a few pop-worthy moments, even in 'bad' years.

The event is defined by such things, and WWE will be tasked with delivering twice as many as usual on January 28th, as the traditional men's match is joined by a women's version for the very first time. It's too early to tell how the bouts themselves will go, but the roof should be blown off Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center several times, particularly if the company deliver on rumoured appearances from Ronda Rousey, Batista, and more.

With Royal Rumble 2018 looming, let's take a look at some of the biggest eardrum-bursting, ground-shaking pops in the event's history, along with the moments that provoked them.


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