10 Mae Young Classic Wrestlers WWE Must Sign

Cherry-picking the best WWE's women's tournament has to offer.

toni storm

It's hard to believe the Mae Young Classic is already nearing completion. The tournament debuted on 28 August, but WWE's decision to release the episodes four at a time means that only 12 September's live finale remains, with Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane set to fight for the crown.

While the MYC's talent pool isn't as deep as last year's Cruiserweight Classic, WWE still did a great job in assembling a diverse, multi-talented group of performers. They've produced a number of good bouts together, particularly outwith the first round, and Sane vs. Baszler should be excellent. Both are among the tournament's biggest standouts, and they'll tear the house down if given enough time.

A number of MYC participants already call WWE their home promotion, but at least a dozen others would be great fits for NXT at the moment, and a handful look ready for the main roster. A swathe of signings would keep the company's women's division stocked for the foreseeable future, and if WWE follow the CWC's blueprint, there's a strong chance they've already prepared contracts for the top performers.

They won't all get deals, but each of the following would be an immediate boon to the company...


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