10 Major Flaws In Current WWE Stars (And How To Fix Them)

When does your top babyface stop being your top babyface?

Shinsuke Nakamura AJ Styles

Seeing Shinsuke Nakamura sucker punch AJ Styles right in the balls was one of WrestleMania 34's best moments. It was about time that WWE stopped trying to force Nakamura's "rock star" persona down fan throats without explaining exactly why those who didn't watch him in New Japan should be cheering.

First, a disclaimer: Nakamura is damn good, and he is one of the best pro wrestlers on the planet today, but he's not the typical WWE superstar and he cannot be expected to carry major feuds on the microphone. The sooner his employers realise that and start writing to his strengths, the better, otherwise his heel run will suffer the exact same problems his babyface one did.

A simple solution is staring WWE right in the face.

The same could be said for others on the roster too. Sure, though it's an exciting time, 2018 promises a host of incredible matches and both brands do have a wealth of talent, there are some struggling to overcome poor booking, a dull-as-dishwater persona or a bizarre unwillingness from WWE to embrace what they're good at...

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