10 Major Problems Facing WWE This Summer

Having a Universal Champ who rarely appears is definitely problematic...

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The post-WrestleMania lull that occurs every year is upon us. Never mind though, because WWE can look forward to a smooth summer, right? Possibly, but the period from now until August will be rocky if WWE don't sort out some things first.

Right now, there are more questions than answers. Raw has a champion who is posted missing more often than not and SmackDown's WWE Title picture is murky at best. The same old problems are cropping up in terms of creating new stars that genuinely appeal to fans too, especially on the babyface side of things.

Behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera, there's an awful lot to sort out. SummerSlam, now the second most important pay-per-view behind 'Mania, is in jeopardy if WWE don't address some glaring issues very soon...

10. Who Goes Where In The WWE Draft?

WWE Draft

The recent 'Superstar Shakeup' moved big stars like Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, and The Miz to Raw. Going in the opposite direction to SmackDown, the likes of Charlotte Flair, Kevin Owens, and The New Day will beef out Tuesday nights. All of these performers were previously considered dead certs for the WWE Draft this summer.

WWE haven't left themselves a lot of room to move there. Even without the addition of the Shakeup, deciding who was going where was always going to be a major question this summer. Now, the creative team have just removed some star names from the field when it comes to the Draft.

It already seems WWE are getting bored of the brand extension, even though it's only been running since July 2016. The company couldn't even wait a full year until moving talent around, and that could have an adverse effect on the Draft.

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