10 Major Signings That WWE Totally Wasted

6. Tazz


Former ECW Champion Tazz made an incredible debut at the 2000 Royal Rumble. Emerging as the previously undefeated Kurt Angle's mystery opponent, he received a boisterous reception from the Madison Square Garden crowd, then quickly choked the 'Olympic Hero' out in just over three minutes, immediately marking him as one of the most dangerous men in the company.

Unfortunately for Tazz, his first match remains the most memorable moment of his WWE career. He maintained a solid push for the next few weeks, but hit a decline soon after losing to WWE Champion Triple H on an episode of SmackDown, and drifted into the Intercontinental Title division afterwards. From there, Tazz entered a horrendous feud with Jerry Lawler. He "won," but was forever typecast as a midcarder thereafter, and never looked like surging up the card again.

Tazz became The Alliance's whipping boy during the Invasion angle, and gradually transitioned to a commentary role. Injuries eventually saw him ease into retirement, but WWE did a terrible job of following up on his white-hot debut, and while it's hard to see Vince McMahon pushing a 5'9" scrapper as an Attitude Era main eventer, Tazz could've been so much more.

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