10 Matches That Made Chicago The Hottest Wrestling City In The World

Second city saints. 


This weekend, WWE will present two consecutive nights of action from the Allstate Arena in the village of Rosemont, just north of Chicago, Illinois.

The venue has been the company's home base in the state for nearly forty years, and in recent times has almost become a new spiritual home base for the organisation as they move away from the increasingly expensive Madison Square Garden.

Cultivated in recent times mostly by CM Punk's presence (or lack thereof), the atmosphere within the former Rosemont Horizon has provided the most consistently electric atmosphere for cards over the past decade regardless of stature, and should offer a phenomenal stage for the stars of NXT and WWE alike as TakeOver and Backlash emanate from the historic venue.

A homebase to the passionate ardour Chicagoans feel for professional wrestling, there's simply no North American location that stirs up as much excitement in advance as well as upon reflection, and the noise levels within the Arena itself make the location as popular with wrestlers as it is with fans.

As hosts to multiple pay-per-views including three WrestleManias, the Chicago crowds have played a vital part in some of the most pivotal contests in the history of the industry. Tastemakers and dissenters alike, the audience represents everything WWE want in a crowd, and sometimes (regrettably for Vince McMahon), everything they need.


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