10 Matches That Nearly Made Wrestlers Quit For Good

Punk walked in 2014, but it could've happened a whole lot sooner...

rusve shinsuke nakamura

Personnel-wise, wrestling is an inherently volatile form of entertainment, with high turnover present in almost every major western promotion, with new performers coming through the door on a constant basis, often crossing paths with those pushed out of it on their way.

True stability is a luxury only afforded to the industry's biggest stars. WWE are a lot less trigger-happy than they used to be, but can still swing their "future endeavours" axe at will, cutting hordes of "independent contractors" from their payroll at a time. As Neville found out last year, however, walking away is an entirely trickier proposition.

Leaving the business (or even one of it's biggest promotions) is often a complex decision at end of of a long period of deliberation and reflection, but sometimes, as we're about to prove, a single match is the trigger point for a wrestler saying "screw this, I'm done," packing their bags, and trying to get the hell out of there.

But just when these guys thought they were out, the business pulled them back in, even if the following bouts gave each one a legitimate reason to walk away, whether creative, personal, injury-related, or something else entirely...


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