10 Measures WWE Can Take To Improve AWFUL Ratings

Stand back, Vince!


WWE ratings continue to plummet in a manner that accelerates within television's wider viewership decline.

"All TV shows don't draw like they used to back in the '90s!"

WWE doesn't draw like it did in 2017. This is a full-on free-fall situation.

This week's RAW, facing competition from a major NBA finals game, granted, posted a non-holiday record low. But the ratings success of that game in itself indicates that, if a product is hot, the fans will watch - especially in the live sports realm. On television.

Basketball fans didn't wake up on Tuesday, half-interested in the previous night's action, and log on to YouTube. Basketball fans didn't then switch off a three-minute clip at the midway point when they discovered that their favourite guy just got rejected THE F*CK OUTTA HERE with a bullsh*t roll-up finish. Basketball fans don't hold grudges. Basketball fans watched the NBA finals game live because the quality and the stakes were as high as Vince McMahon must be to push Baron Corbin in defiance of all objective evidence.

It's not just basketball. Game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup set a U.S. ice hockey viewership record of 8.914 million. The competition itself posted the best numbers in 23 years. 23 years ago, Blockbuster was still in business. Streaming isn't killing WWE's ratings, even though Vince's bullsh*t is on demand 24/7.

And it's not just Baron Corbin, either...


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