10 Mistakes WWE Are Still Paying For

Actions have consequences.


WWE takes a lot of flak for its creative mistakes, but many of them are probably unavoidable. Running a wrestling show, after all, entails having to predict how fans are going to react to something, which is no small task given how quickly their minds can change about a particular performer or storyline.

That said, sometimes it seems like they are almost deliberately shooting themselves in the foot. Once you've established who the fans do and don't like, it makes sense to book your product accordingly, presenting the popular guys as likeable good guys and the not-so-popular ones as detestable heels. That's pretty simple, right?

It's generally also a good idea to keep the young up-and-comers on whom you're banking to become the headline acts of tomorrow looking relatively strong while they wait their turn in the main event. Otherwise, you could find yourself a little bereft of star power a couple of years down the line when all of your major box office draws have deserted you.

Sadly, the WWE creative team doesn't always remember these cardinal rules, leading to one or two mistakes whose long-term effects are still being felt today.

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