10 Mistakes WWE Better Not Make Before WrestleMania 34

9. Leaning Too Heavily On Comedy With Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman Alexa Bliss

This is a tough one, because Braun Strowman has been so damn entertaining during those Mixed Match Challenge skits with Alexa Bliss. During these promos, both have shown a lot of personality. The question must be posed: why don't we see more segments like this on Raw instead of those phony office promos or phone calls?

Braun and Alexa have been natural. Maybe a bit too natural considering how Strowman is supposed to be an ambulance-tipping, scaffold-tearing, announcer-throwing bad-ass who could beat anyone on the roster. Seeing him go from that to goofing around with Bliss, who is (let's not forget) a heel, feels jarring.

As charming as Braun is in real life, WWE shouldn't lose sight of the fact that fans love him due to his wrecking-ball ways. Should creative lean too heavily on comedy and book Braun in a secondary feud against The Miz at the same time, he'll lose some of that aura the company have spent 18 months building.


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