10 Mistakes WWE Will Make At WrestleMania 35

Don't let the excitement on the road to WrestleMania mislead you; we are in for one bumpy ride.


WrestleMania 35 is just around the corner. Despite how excited we all are, there are still a few moments of concern for 'The Show of Shows'.

Even when the road to WrestleMania is lacklustre, we still expect WWE to deliver on the night. Despite this anticipation, the promotion often finds a way to bring us crashing back down to earth.

They do this with nonsensical booking, unnecessary segments, and dream victories being crushed. Every year we go into WrestleMania invested about a selection of matches and superstars, only for us to be disappointed after the event.

We merely have to look back to last year's 'Mania, where Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles was the dream match we all wanted. Three months earlier, Nakamura was red hot and had the most over Royal Rumble entrance in WWE history. The disappointment of the bout itself, the result, and the way Nakamura came out afterwards, still leaves a bitter taste.

WWE could prove us all wrong and deliver the best WrestleMania ever. Or they could make the following mistakes, and leave us with a bitter taste once again.


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