10 Moments Vince McMahon Admitted Defeat With The Fans

Has Backlash changed the boss's opinion on Roman Reigns?

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That Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe main event at Backlash 2018 was not good. One fan's video clip on Twitter showed others around him leaving (to "beat the traffic") whilst the match was still in progress, and the rest of the live crowd either chanted, "This Is Boring" or could barely be bothered to muster up a pop for Roman's eventual win.

The Wrestling Observer have since speculated that this could have opened Vince McMahon's eyes to Reigns as a top babyface. If true, it's about damn time he listened to the fans on this one; Roman is talented, but he's consistently let down by an incessant push as some herculean superhero who can do no wrong.

If McMahon has admitted defeat with Reigns, it wouldn't be the first time he has held up his hands and recognised his audience just aren't buying what he's selling.

Company plans have changed many times because of creative apathy, outright disinterest or due to overwhelming fan demand that WWE do something different. The boss has done a lot of good over the years, and yet he's not always right.

This is proof of that...

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