10 MORE Huge "What If" Scenarios In WWE History

No Curtain Call, no Stone Cold...


Creating memorable moments is the sole purpose of WWE storytelling.

As per Vince McMahon himself in the seminal 1999 documentary Beyond The Mat, "we make movies," not traditional wrestling shows. Having spent a lifetime trying to distance his company from the sport that built his fortune, the Chairman doesn't want his fans talking about their favourite matches, feuds, or storylines, but moments, and WWE's entire storytelling framework is designed with this in mind.

WWE history is unquestionably defined by the company's most iconic set pieces. Things like the Montreal Screwjob, Hogan slamming Andre, and Mankind falling through Hell In A Cell are what hold everything together, and the wrestling landscape would look completely different had these moments not panned out the way they did.

McMahon's promotion became an indestructible industry-dominating giant as a direct consequence of these happenings, but WWE's story, just like any other organisations, is full of "what if?" scenarios. The smallest of alterations can set forth a dramatic chain reaction, completely changing the course of history, leaving the promotion operating under an entirely different set of circumstances.

It's all hypothetical, of course, but let's examine the potential consequences.

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