10 MORE Shocking WWE Plans You Won’t Believe

1. Manlina


Back to the misadventures of Big Dave for a second, as a disjointed 2005 storyline almost gained a unwelcome dangling participle.

For several years, the company had an odd predilection for featuring real life relationships as storylines, even if the characters didn't remotely mesh on screen. Such was the case when MNM's manager Melina turned a tryst into a sexual assault charge in a hideous misrepresentation of just about every trope WWE were diving headfirst into.

Their initial relations had played out on camera, proving irrefutably that Melina was a lying for ill-gotten gains. It was a premise the wrestling industry had tiptoed around in the past before, and willingly cast women in general in a deeply unhelpful role as vindictive monsters.

WWE's final inexplicable twist on the sordid story never came to be. Allegedly, Melina was then to reveal herself as a man in drag. Luckily, no velour robes were pulled back to reveal that greater power, and the angle in general fizzled.

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