10 More Superstars That Will Follow Dean Ambrose Out Of WWE

On The Fringe.


'The Lunatic Fringe' is off. Not so crazy after all, eh?

Assumed lifer Dean Ambrose has - as of writing - handed in his WWE notice, unmoved by the dream many of his friends and peers have been sold and perhaps driven by much of the psychosis expressed in a revealing edition of 'Chronicle'. For all he gave his mind and body to the cause, he was a man that no longer seemed bothered about pretending to love it.

Over an absorbing 59:57, the story of Ambrose's physical recovery intersected with a continued mental unravelling. This may have been massaged for the benefit of the cameras tracking his every move and a planned heel turn upon his main roster return, but the last several years of acting bananas looked to have burrowed in there at least to a degree.

His exit could reflect his recent disinterest or distrust in the product (or a gradually grafted loss of love for the group), but the timing of it naturally fosters speculation about morale within the company in what could prove to be one of the biggest years for the industry in some time.

He's not the only performer this month to express frustration in some form, and if the hanging WrestleMania sign can't masquerade as a dangled carrot, have WWE lost their biggest and best hook?


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